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Mission Statement

At Act Sing Dance Schools, our mission is to provide comprehensive and exceptional professional training to our students, empowering them to reach their fullest potential in their chosen fields. We are committed to fostering industry resilience and equipping our students with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive. Furthermore, we strive to create a warm and nurturing environment that promotes trust, support, and collaboration. Through our unwavering dedication, we endeavor to nurture a generation of individuals who are not only highly skilled performers but also compassionate and resilient professionals.



ASDS, We take the total number of weeks that our classes run and devide the tuition cost by the twelve months of the year. Currently our fees are £8.95 per hour and the classes are an hour and a half. This gives us a monthly figure of £41.39 per month for 1.5hr classes, £82.78 per month for 3hr classes and £165.57 for Advanced Academy 6 hour classes that is paid towards your fees. We do not charge for costumes or scripts given throughout the term.


After your two week trial (our audition if an Advanced Academy School) , you are given the option to enrol into the school. Once we have your payment details a payment will be taken from your account and your monthly

payments will commence on the first of every month.


You are enrolling on a term by term basis automatically and we require notice of a child's intention to leave during the term of which they are currently attending and your account will be finalised with any fees outstanding payable. At no point can your account be put on hold for holidays ect.


If there is any confusion regarding your payments, please email

Term Dates 23/24

Summer Term:

Start date: 04/01/24

End of term: 24/03/24

Summer Term Important Dates

Alhambra Theatre Extravaganza: 15/06/24

Chicago the Musical: 29/06/24 & 30/06/24

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